US elections: Western media stopped reporting and began shaping opinion Read more >>> Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling Read more >>> Death road to Europe promoted on the web Read more >>> The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe Read more >>> NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya Read more >>>

US elections: Western media stopped reporting and began shaping opinion

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump has won. Against the odds, against the polls, against the massive attacks from the media that have gone to great lengths during the past several months to depict him as a monster, a cannibal, a flaw in the pattern, a Putin-fan, a war-monger, a racist, an abomination, the worst candidate in all of history. Every article, well, every paragraph in an article contained a disparaging word like ‘populist’ or ‘populism’ in reference to Trump.

Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling

Abandoned boat on the coast
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Ship-tracking software and reports from journalists prove that NGOs, the Italian Coast Guard and smugglers coordinate their actions. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) exposes NGOs operating in Libyan territorial waters. Since the ouster of President Ghadafi, a growing number of Africans are smuggled into Europe. They travel via Libya from where they cross the Mediterranean. Different “humanitarian” organisations or NGOs involved are an indispensable part of the smuggle route to Europe. We noticed that the Italian coast guard, NGOs and locals coordinate their actions. Whatever they call it themselves, these operations cannot be classified as genuine rescue operations.

The Dutch, Maltese and German based NGOs are part of the human smuggling network and one wonders, are these NGOs themselves criminal organisations.

Whatever the motives of these NGOs, their behaviour is illegal, and in countries governed by a constitution, i.e. European states, crime should be prosecuted regardless of the intention of its perpetrators.

We followed the movements of the Golfo Azzurro on 12 October. We used AIS Marine Traffic signals, twitter and the live reports of a Dutch journalist on board of the Golfo Azzurro.

Death road to Europe promoted on the web

Life jackets were dumped in the sea. Safety at sea is not interested. This could be an accident, even death.
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Jonathan Samuels, Sky News Correspondent, and his team discovered a discarded handbook, printed in Arabic, on the shore of the Isle of Lesbos, providing the migrants with detailed information on the routes, important phone numbers, non-government organizations that aid the migrants and on their rights in target countries1)(also video), Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants, Sky News 2015-09-13.. WatchTheMed ( and and w2eu ( and are among the organizations listed in the said rough guide.

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1. (also video), Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants, Sky News 2015-09-13.

The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe

Refugees boat floating on the sea
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MOAS stands for Migrant Offshore Aid Station. It is a Malta-based non-governmental organisation, which set itself the task of patrolling the Mediterranean and rescuing people in high seas, lifting them up from dinghies, rafts and boats onto the Phoenix, the MOAS-owned trawler, a vessel complete with drones for scanning the waters, and ferrying migrants from places several miles off the Libyan shore to Sicily. The organisation is run by Chris Catrambone (35) and his wife Regina.

NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya

A Greek Coastguard ship
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Since 2015 more and more private NGOs are involved in the illegal migrant ferrying from Libya to Italy. They all claim to be on a rescuing mission, but are they? “We can now confirm that at least 3,800 people have died, making 2016 the deadliest ever,” William Spindler, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), declared last week. The previous record, 3,771 lives lost,, was set in 2015. Despite a sharp drop in the number of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean, from 1.01 million last year to 327,800 so far this year, more and more people drown at sea or die as a result of other causes1)UN: 2016 deadliest year for refugees in Mediterranean, Deutsche Welle..

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Europe Faces Unprecedented Demographic Pressure

migrants to the state border
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The world’s demographics in Africa and Asia have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Population in numerous African countries has a staggering growth of 300% up to almost 600%. There are no signs countries in Africa, and Central Asia can lift themselves out of poverty. The population explosion in Africa will be a driving force of large-scale migration. Many will leave their homeland to resettle in Europe and the US. This will have a profound effect on those who will stay in their countries and on those in the recipient countries.

European elites try to present immigration as a positive and cultural enrichment. However, forced re-population is a known military strategy, and is used to subjugate the enemy. William T. Sherman cabled Ulysses S. Grant: “Until we can repopulate Georgia it is useless to occupy.”1)Telegram of William T. Sherman to Ulysses S. Grant, October 9, 1864, Civil War Era NC. From an abstract point of view, it makes no difference if the re-population is done by a vicious enemy, by bureaucrats or if it happens just naturally: the effects are the same.

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Vladimir Bukovsky: I have lived in your future

USSR and the EU
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It was Vladimir Bukovsky, a well-known Soviet dissident, who, having lived several years in the West, said these words about the European Union. Did he exaggerate or did he hit the nail on the head? Well, let us see1)Vladimir Bukovsky: EU = USSR, YouTube 2011-12-20.

An analogy is what it is: it is an analogy, not a mirror reflection. If history repeats itself, it repeats itself as a farce. Napoleon III had all the imperial trappings of Napoleon I and was but an echo of his predecessor. And: for those who are observant enough no proof is necessary; for those who cling to their dream-world no proof is possible. With this in mind let us draw a comparison between the European and the Soviet Union.

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Europe in Crisis: Bosnia’s break-up unavoidable

bosnia and herzegovina map
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A next Balkan war in Bosnia is a matter of time. The Republic of Srpska is planning on holding a referendum next Sunday, 25 September, on a seemingly minor issue1)Bosnia’s Republika Srpska to hold controversial referendum despite ban Source BNE Intellinews. The Bosnian Serbs will be voting on the date of the “national independence day.” This referendum seems, however, to be a run-up to to a referendum on the splitting up of the country. The Serbs want to secede from Bosnia and become part of Serbia, claiming their democratic right on self-determination2)War Talk Grips Balkans Ahead of Bosnia Vote Source Balkan Insight.

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Central Europe’s opinion is falling (as yet) on deaf ears

Ondrej Deml /
Ondrej Deml /

An amiable mood has held sway over years in the European family. The Western countries went to great lengths to teach their eastern counterparts what capitalism and democracy were all about, and the East European nations obediently let themselves be dictated to. Western Europe would provide the finances for the development of Eastern Europe, and the latter would comply with the imposed precepts. The European unity flourished and no one expected the children to ever voice their political opinion. Recently, however, this idyll has been somewhat marred.

At first it turned out that one relative (Greece) could not stand on its own, next another relative (Great Britain) filed for divorce. Such news has an impact on each family. A comfortable and supportive home threatens to disintegrate and the children are getting the impression that their parents are by no means infallible and that they do not seem to have everything under control, and, to top it all, that the parents are losing their head.

The Centre of Russian World Affairs Is Moving East

Earth globe
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It is customary for European schools to resume their activities with the beginning of September, which provides us all with the opportunity to picture ourselves back in a school bench and pore over the map of the world. Some of the facts that we learnt back then and have long forgotten might turn up handy to help us through today’s unstable geopolitical situation. Others will let us unravel the complex networks that we, accustomed to our European perspective, have lost sight of. A look at a world’s map is enough for us to put everything in the right perspective. Nowadays we are facing a number of agendas that are propagandized by the powers that be. Facts are propaganda’s most implacable enemies since they provide an average citizen with food for thought, enabling him to come up with his own worldview. Such facts can surely be found in a world’s map.

Breaking the Siege of Aleppo Will Make Erdoğan the father of all Sunni Muslims

Party Leader and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
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The events in Syria are changing rapidly. Turkey has entered Syria and is heading for Al-Bab, a city 35 kilometers from Aleppo, according to a Turkey government official and a statement issued by the Turkey-supported Muslim militia united in the FSA (Free Syrian Army).1)New target is western town of al-Bab, 6 km from Syrian army, Source Hurriyet Daily.The next step is lifting the siege of Aleppo from the east. Atatürk became the Father of all Turks after he had won the Battle of Gallipoli and defeated major European powers; Erdoğan will be the father of all Sunni Muslims if he liberates Aleppo and thus gains the upper hand over Russia and Iran.

Russia, the Kurds, and the Syrian army were very close to cutting off the Raqqa-Turkey supply route. Turkey’s invasion is a gift from heaven for the Jihadists in Raqqa: it prevents them from being cut off from Turkey. Turkey’s invasion of Syria is clearly to the advantage of ISIS.

Turkey’s objectives in Syria have always been clear and these are to:

1. prevent the Kurds from gaining autonomy, destroy the YPD, the sister organisation of the PKK, and 
2. remove Assad from power.

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1. New target is western town of al-Bab, 6 km from Syrian army, Source Hurriyet Daily.

Poland Should Rethink its Defense Strategy

soldier or officer
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It was 77 years ago today that the Second World War began. Early in the morning on September 1st German troops violated the country’s territorial integrity along all of the shared borderline and later that same day Chancellor Adolf Hitler delivered a speech in the Reichstag some of whose words went down in history: Polen hat heute Nacht zum ersten Mal auf unserem eigenen Territorium auch mit bereits regulären Soldaten geschossen. Seit 5:45 Uhr wird jetzt zurückgeschossen!